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"I couldn't move for several minutes and laid there in a crumpled mess wondering what the hell had happened.."
- Kirk Stephan

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Expected the unexpected in Mexico
by Kirk Stephan, Iowa, USA
Dec 18, 1999

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Three years ago in the States another big fad-item hit the markets: 'Blue-Blocker' sunglasses, that fit easily over your regular prescription lenses. I jumped on them immediately since not only could you take them on and off effortlessly but the world of greens, trees, grass, cornfields, etc, became a wonderous site, almost magical, since that was what was enhanced - at the expense of the blues. The sky for instance, became an almost un-noticeable grey. Blue clothing made the wearer seem drab. Classy elderly ladies would appear nearly bald, all of their meticulous effort and expense gone for nought. But driving the highways was a fine experience, the fields and forests leapt at your eyes, a Disney-animated adventure.

They stopped manufacturing these things a year or so later(I always wondered why since there were so many visible on the streets, and they were so neat..!) so I was relegated to gluing them together after dropping'm on the street or losing them in the wind when on my motorcycle.

And when I made my turn across that thin concrete medium and heard the annoying explosion and saw the flying glass and noticed the world shifting its position so radically, I thought maybe a ghost or SOME other invisible entity had finally decided to wreak vengeange upon this intrusive gringo voyager. All these and more thoughts spun through my head. I hadn't seen hide-nor-hair of any vehicles or I wouldn't have begun the turn. Then the grey started to lift fuzzily from my brain. The wild North-Mexican species of pick-up truck which had just broadsided me was totally blue, including the hand-painted grill...

So, idiot or blind man, I pulled in front of a speeding Mexican truck and, duh, knock knock, got creamed. I couldn't move for several minutes and laid there in a crumpled mess wondering what the hell had happened. 'sides being creamed!

I was mumbling curses at NAFTA and at all monster 'semi's' on the planet and at all faddish sunglasses, when men from the blue truck appeared at the window. They seemed to know as much as me about what had happened. They, also couldn't believe a person could be so stupid as to challenge a fast-moving truck by pulling in front of it. And, they hadn't seen me either, til that last second. No squealed brakes, no rubber on the pavement, just boom-smasherony, broadside.

One of the passengers had blood on his forehead and looked awful until he wiped it off a minute or two later, just superficial. Everybody was praising their ultimate deity that no-one was dead. Both my van and their pick-up were totalled. I wondered that all that steel and speed hadn't overturned my side-smashed Ford. Besides that, I'd just filled my gas tank and it hadn't exploded! I was starting to feel lucky ..through the pain!

Everything was a jumbled mess inside. Overturned refrigerator, packages and suitcases in a bewildering dis-order. I crawled somehow over and through the mess to my sponge bed in the rear and finally found a position, on my right side to lay on without the stabbing pain that began to dog me. If I moved it hurt...

Then came nightfall...

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