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John Koivurinta

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A unique Scandinavian archipelago
by John Koivurinta, Sibbo, Finland
Mar 21, 2000

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A unique archipelago - where?

The Archipelago Sea in southwestern Finland, pos. N60° E21° It is the largest archipelago in the Baltic Sea; in fact there are more islands than people! Thousands of rocky islets above and below the surface require good skills of navigation. You can use your own boat or the state ferry services to move around. Main islands are Pargas (Parainen), Nagu (Nauvo), Korpo (Korppoo) and Houtskär. (Finnish names in brackets). This part of Finland is bilingual (Swedish and Finnish) All islands can be reached by the 80-km long Archipelago route 180, which includes three ferries. South of Korpo and Nagu begins the Archipelago National Park. Information points and nature trails have introduced visitors to the archipelago's history, flora and fauna. The Park has numerous natural and cultural treasures. The flora differs in many ways from the mainland.

Fishing is popular among the locals as well as visitors. Pike, flounder or perch is the most common catch.

Being privileged to have my own hideaway in Korpo where my wife and I have spent many summer weeks for more than 10 years, here are some pictures from this unique part of the world.

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